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Some of our classes & services available:

Corporate Yoga: 

Our expert teachers are here to help calm your mind and strengthen and tone your body. We bring Yoga classes to you at your workplace.

Constant stress at work, staring at a computer screen, making deals, breaking deals, meeting demanding deadlines and negotiating office politics – pressures like these have been propelling business people into Yoga for years. But what if your exhausting work schedule makes it tough to get to classes as much as you’d like? Better yet, what if you want to introduce your equally stressed co-workers to yoga?

We can arrange for a certified teacher to bring Yoga to your workplace. Please contact us to arrange onsite classes now.

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Yoga Therapy for Back Problems:

Yoga Therapy is a successful therapy in alleviating Back Pain/Problems. A Yoga Therapy session will be tailored to your specific needs to help relieve back pain, tight muscles, strengthen and create flexibility where appropriate.

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Some of the benefits people experience are Relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is A Deeply Relaxing Healing treatment. Reiki can help with many physical and mental issues. Reiki can help improve Sleep, Pain, Anxiety,Depression,Past and Prest day issues amongst some of the benefits

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