Yoga Ireland


For over 20 years Yoga Ireland has been inspiring people to develop and maintain various styles of practice.

Yoga Ireland has established itself as a specialist in facilitating corporate yoga classes. Qualified teachers guide people to practice yoga in their work throughout Ireland. This experience with corporate clients allows Yoga Ireland teachers to tailor classes specific to each employee’s needs.

Corporate Yoga

What is corporate Yoga?

Yoga Ireland caters to both small and large groups of people. Corporate yoga clients work together in various industries. Often corporate classes are held onsite, however, Yoga Ireland can facilitate with providing a comfortable space upon request.

Why choose Yoga?

Pressures such as constant stress, staring at a computer screen, making deals, breaking deals, meeting demanding deadlines are challenging. These pressures have been propelling business people to practice Yoga for years.

Why choose corporate classes?

Busy schedules restrict some peoples ability to regularly maintain their yoga practice. Participating in corporate yoga classes can be a way to maintain their health and hectic schedule. Corporate yoga classes can benefit groups of people who work together through the experience of sharing classes each week.

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Yoga therapy for back problems

Yoga Therapy is a successful therapy in alleviating back pain.

Attending regular yoga sessions with qualified teachers, who tailor classes to your specific needs can help to relieve back pain, tight muscles, strengthen and create flexibility where appropriate.

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