Yoga Therapy

Yoga as a Therapy is wonderful in addressing specific physical or emotional limitations. In a general sense we can address things like #Back problems, #Stress Management, Illnesses, #Pain Management, #Post Injury, #Relaxation techniques,#Mindfulness Yoga and Toning certain muscle groups,whatever your personal goal is we can discuss the possibilities.

#Yoga therapy aims to place the body in a position of self healing with the help of a therapist. It can restore the natural balance and harmony, bringing positive good health to all parts of life – physical, mental and spiritual.It can be practised in conjunction with any medical treatments you are already receiving, and also in tandem with other complementary therapies. No prior experience of yoga is necessary before starting!
It cultivates body/mind integration and a sense of harmony with life. Medical research provides increasing evidence that yoga therapy is effective.

You can expect the first consultation may last up to 1.5 hours, thereafter a session can last up to 1 hour depending on your requirements. I will take a case history and look at your structure, alignment, posture, flexibility, breathing capacity and check for any imbalances. I will then take you though a full range of movements and design a tailor-made session for you to do daily which will last no more than 10-15minutes.Your follow up sessions will give you the opportunity to ask questions and we will work together to move you to a place of Balance and Well-Being. You will receive a Tailor-made session specifically for you to work from at home to help your progress and healing.

Catriona Mc Cormack specialises in BACK CONDITIONS and have had great success over the years with clients who have had chronic conditions and had no long-term success!

Article in the Independent Newspaper about the Benefits of Yoga Therapy with Catriona Mc Cormack can be found here…










Catriona Mc Cormack

founded Yoga Ireland 23 years ago with the intention of teaching Yoga to people because of the amazing curative results it had for mepersonally. I’d had chronic eczema since I was a baby, I developed asthma and have scoliosis. Having exhausted every other avenue I decided to try Yoga. Within 1 year of practice my eczema and asthma had cleared and my back felt great. I left a career in design and started training. I have been practicing for more than 16 years now. Along the way I have studied with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable yogis from all different parts of the world and schools of thought. I completed a further two-year Yoga Therapy Diploma Course in 2002 with two medical doctors and Marie Quail, an esteemed yoga therapist. This provided me with a grounding in modern medicine and the application of Yoga for medical conditions.
For more information go to my biography.


#Indian Head Massage & #Reiki as part of my one to one appointments:
Indian Head Massage – Is a deeply relaxing & efficient form of massage therapy based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing systems. This alternative therapeutic practice involves giving a thorough rubbing down on your head/scalp, face, shoulders and the neck. The basic concept of Indian Head Massage is derived from charka-balancing, which, when performed, greatly augments your existing energy level. The massaging action, in fact, is aimed at clearing any blockages that may be present in your energy channels. Such blockage normally leads to unhealthy increase in the level of negative energy that causes many ailments. It can help greatly in revitalizing and then sustaining a person’s well-being.



Reiki is also available as part of your Yoga Therapy Sessions or as a separate appointment. Reiki is Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Most people say they feel Deeply Relaxed & Enjoy a sense of peace after a session. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Sean Nevins: Occupation: Teacher
“In the summer of 2006 I slipped a disc in my lower back. I could hardly walk and doctors both in Ireland and the States said that I would most definitely need surgery. Instead I went to Yoga Therapy and was nurtured back into a healthy pain-free condition by Catriona and am feeling fantastic ever since”

Susanne Giles: Accountant
“My sessions with Catriona has thought me how to move myself out of a stress inflicted life. I had a chronic back condition and I am now pain free and more mobile than I ever thought possible”

If you would to enquire further or book an appointment for you, a family member or friend please just contact us.

Yoga Therapy session are at Maynooth Chiropractic Clinic. Maynooth business campus.


Yoga Therapy, first session is €75 as it will last up to 1.5 hrs. Follow up sessions are €65.
You will receive a Tailor-made daily plan to aid your progress.

You can avail of Indian Head Massage and Reiki as part of your sessions

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