Fit to be tried

Irish Independant

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It's my first yoga therapy session and I've come up short, literally. After a guided walk around the room (the pace is gentle, but my steps make an awful thump) and a look at my lie-down pose, the mentor's diagnosis is swift: "One of your legs is shorter than the other."

Catriona McCormack understands the problem because she shares it and a small insert for her shoes, along with her own regular yoga routines, has her sorted...............


Living with endometriosis

Irish Times

Affecting up to 100,000 women in Ireland, endometriosis is a gynaecological condition which causes pelvic pain and in some cases infertility. It can be difficult to diagnose and many women suffer for years before receiving treatment. Caitríona McCormack has experience of this, she went through many years of crippling pain before finally being diagnosed.....................

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