Catriona Mc Cormack

Catriona Mc Cormack has been practicing yoga for over 26 years and qualified as a yoga teacher in 1996. She founded the company Yoga Ireland in 1997, opening one of the first yoga studios in Merrion square, Dublin, a great success. Continuing her education in yoga, Catriona qualified as a Yoga Therapist in 2003, working with people on a one to one basis with specific needs. Catriona fundamentally encourages people to thrive in life, by nurturing their mind and body with Yoga. Her aspirations for her clients is that each person steps away from a session feeling refreshed nourished and balanced.

In addition, to teaching Yoga, Catriona is a qualified Reiki master.

If asked about the strongest message she would like to impart to her students, she would passionately emphasize the importance of integrating yoga within their everyday lives. “A busy schedule becomes more manageable with the grounding effects of a regular yoga practice”.

Catriona maintains a light hearted environment in class while her students benefit from a strong practice. One that includes a focus on the Mindfulness aspect of yoga in addition to a spirit of playfulness, helping to relieve stress.

Faye McGarry

Faye McGarry has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years & fell in love with the practice immediately! Hailing from Southern California, living in Central America and now living in Dublin the last few years she has an open mind to the different ways that Yoga can be shared & translated with our world.

With over 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of wise teachers like Nischala Joy Devi, Rolf Sovik, Kat Greene, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and her master teacher Danielle Fowler she has blended the many branches of Yoga to create a version of Yoga that can be applied to & enjoyed by anyone that walks into the studio space.

Faye’s approach to Yoga is to view it as a healing modality, a work in as opposed to a work out, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be physically challenged in her classes! She’s happy to offer active Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga, as well as Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga Nidra. Her greatest joy is to share the gift of Yoga & show that Yoga is for everyone!

Abaigéal Warfield

Abaigéal Warfield, originally from Celbridge, specialises in teaching Yin Yoga. Yin is a slow and mindful form of yoga that targets the deep connective tissues. Her Yin Yoga classes are gentle, and student centred. She is passionate about helping others on their yoga journey. She uses Yin to help students to learn how to use compassion and kindness towards themselves both on and off the mat.

Abaigéal began her yoga journey after the sudden loss of her mother in 2007. She has practiced various styles over the years: Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, and Yin Yoga. She has experienced, first-hand, the transformative and healing power of yoga during grief and depression. In 2014 Abaigéal became an accredited Vinyasa Flow teacher after completing a 200-hour teacher training with Paula Mitten of Frog Lotus International and Durga. In 2018 she completed training in Yin Yoga with Josh Summers in 2018.

Recognising the need for more slow time in today's fast paced world, Abaigéal decided to specialise in teaching Yin Yoga. Her classes focus on cultivating mindfulness and calm. When not on her mat, Abaigéal is a professional historian and amateur poet is currently writing her first book about witches in early modern Germany. In her free time she loves cycling, rock climbing and board games.

Janette Bloom

Jannette literally grew up with yoga as her mother (and yoga mentor) has run a successful yoga business for over 30 years. After having spent many years living and working in Ireland Jannette is now based in Suffolk, UK and in addition to running her own yoga classes works part time as an equine lecturer having over 12 years of teaching experience in this field.

Jannette’s practice has helped her to overcome the physical effects of a major riding accident when she was just 18, enabling her to continue her passion for riding horses and running. From a mental and emotional capacity her yoga practice continues to help her navigate the challenges of a demanding job and home life bringing up a non neuro-typical child.

Over the years Jannette has practiced many styles of yoga including Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow and more recently Yin, Jivamukti and Aerial yoga. More recently she decided that she wanted to share the love of her practice with others and qualified through Yoga Alliance, gaining her 200 RYT status in January 2019, having trained with Paula Ahlberg of the Wellbeing Warehouse in Newmarket UK. In addition she has completed further training hours in Yin practice in June 2019.

The main styles of yoga that Jannette teaches are Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Jannette maintains that yoga is beneficial for everyone, her classes are a balance of breath work, poses and mindfulness. She has a strong interest in yoga philosophy which she likes to incorporate into her sessions. Jannette finds the study of yoga philosophy empowering, enabling her to deal with the challenges of life and allowing her to live life with a greater sense of purpose and intention. She believes yoga holds up a mirror to our soul and gives us the opportunity of choice, arming us all with valuable tools to take away from our mats and out into our everyday lives.


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Yoga Ireland Testimonials 

I used to attend Catriona’s classes in Dublin and would have no hesitation in recommending her. She is very conscientious of everyone’s different needs and ensures everyone has correct form and no pressure from her to go beyond your limits. I am not flexible and yet have gained so much from her classes, which even now stand to me

Orna O'Beirne

Catriona is one of my favourite yoga teachers. Her classes are very well structured and suitable for all levels. She’s very experienced and ensures you only go as far in your postures as your body allows. Her lovely personality and the atmosphere she creates throughout her classes is amazing. No matter how stressful my day was, I always feel great after a yoga session with her. Thanks Catriona, so glad we met😊

Julia Gast

Absolutely love Catriona's classes, great instruction in a very welcoming and friendly environment. I'm not the most flexible but I always leave practice feeling happier, calmer and looser!

Gillian Morris

Catriona is a fantastic teacher , pleasant , patient , guides you through your practice offering modifications, tips and advice . You never regret a class with Catriona , will always leave smiling inside and out , highly recommend 😊🙏 namaste

Donna Forde

Went to my 1st class today with fear & trepidation but had a ball . Loved the mindfulness aspect , just what the doctor ordered . Every movement was tailored to each persons ability level and felt a huge sense of achievement at the end . I have no hesitation in recommending Catriona and her mindfulness Yoga. Def going back 💕👌

Sonja Croke

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