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I used to attend Catriona’s classes in Dublin and would have no hesitation in recommending her. She is very conscientious of everyone’s different needs and ensures everyone has correct form and no pressure from her to go beyond your limits. I am not flexible and yet have gained so much from her classes, which even now stand to me

Orna O'Beirne

Catriona is one of my favourite yoga teachers. Her classes are very well structured and suitable for all levels. She’s very experienced and ensures you only go as far in your postures as your body allows. Her lovely personality and the atmosphere she creates throughout her classes is amazing. No matter how stressful my day was, I always feel great after a yoga session with her. Thanks Catriona, so glad we met😊

Julia Gast

Absolutely love Catriona's classes, great instruction in a very welcoming and friendly environment. I'm not the most flexible but I always leave practice feeling happier, calmer and looser!

Gillian Morris

Catriona is a fantastic teacher , pleasant , patient , guides you through your practice offering modifications, tips and advice . You never regret a class with Catriona , will always leave smiling inside and out , highly recommend 😊🙏 namaste

Donna Forde

Went to my 1st class today with fear & trepidation but had a ball . Loved the mindfulness aspect , just what the doctor ordered . Every movement was tailored to each persons ability level and felt a huge sense of achievement at the end . I have no hesitation in recommending Catriona and her mindfulness Yoga. Def going back 💕👌

Sonja Croke

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