Apr 17

Yoga to Strengthen Your Respiratory System

Yoga Breathing to strengthen Your Lungs & Respiratory System


Improved Your Breathing/Strengthen Your Respiratory System with Pranayama 


1. Lying down, place your palms fingertips touching lightly on your...

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Dec 18

Yoga For Golfers

Why should Golfers do Yoga!!

Golf demands physical skill and practice, but unless your mind is playing ball, in other words if you mind is not focused this will inhibit you from being at the top of your game

By throwing your goals...

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Dec 14

Warrior pose for inner and outer strength

Shake off the winter blues with a little Yoga

The way of the warrior or virabhadrasana I in sanskit

Tap into your warrior self, your inner sun, your determination and willpower. In a gentle way we can be strong. Warrior I is named...

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Dec 4

Yoga can help asthma

Breathe easy with Yoga

Exercising asthma is recommended but people with asthma can find some forms of physical exercises may trigger their asthma. This is why yoga is catching on among people with asthma!! With so much emphasis on...

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Nov 10

Nadi Shodhana

Alternate Nostril Breathing

You can use this breathing technique to help manage stresses in your daily life. You may also find that practicing alternate nostril breathing helps you to be more mindful of the present moment...

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