Yoga for back pain

Yoga & Back Pain

Treating back pain with yoga

Many people think of yoga as just a good way to relieve stress and tension, but it can also help you to reduce back pain, slipped discs, maintaining good posture, strong and healthy back muscles and a healthy spine.

Yoga Therapy is a great way to treat Back Pain syccessfully..Read more

Yoga poses, called asanas in Sanskrit are important because they help stretch and strengthen important back muscles. In addition, with back pain learning to breath properly will help with pain management and will aid the relaxation of your muscles. Abdominal muscles may be weak, so while it’s important to choose yoga poses that lengthen and strengthen your spine, you should also do poses that develop a strong core.

I have taught these yoga poses to my groups and private clients over the last 20 years and people have found great success in helping to alleviate back pain. It's important you do the sequence consistently and daily.

Try this Yoga Sequence to help back pain

Ease into each pose below as you breath slowly. 

It's important you listen to your body and resist doing anything that doesn't feel ok or causes you pain. It is best to join a class with an experienced yoga teacher who can teach you the practice.


Staying in poses for 10-20 slow breaths.

Knees to chest pose             catYOGAIRELAND          supported childs pose yoga stretch relaxation yoga leixlip yoga ireland back stretch calming yoga poses kildare yoga classes

Other Benefits of Yoga Poses

Yoga poses can also help build strength and flexibility, which ultimately help alleviate back pain. A study on the effect of yoga  therapy for chronic back pain showed that patients experience less back pain after doing an hour of yoga at least everyday for 16 weeks. 

Keep in mind that after doing yoga, you may feel a little sore the next day, but that’s normal. Soreness should go away within a few days. Doing yoga poses should never cause pain, numbness or tingling. If you feel any of these symptoms, stop immediately.

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