Yoga for tight shoulders

Eagle Pose  or Garudasana in sanskit

This is one of the best yoga poses for tight shoulders.

Traditionally a standing balancing pose but for the purpose of working with the shoulders without the challenge of also trying to balance. It can be done in a seated position on a yoga mat or sitting in a chair.

Because of our sedentary lifestyles in today’s world a lot of us end up with shoulder tightness, stiffness and pain. From sitting in school from a young age to going to college, sitting again for many hours and then working at a desk as an adult it’s no surprise that all of this takes its toll on our shoulders.

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Alleviates shoulder tightness in particular stretching the muscles around and between the shoulder blades.

Opens shoulder joints, creating space between the shoulder blades

Increases flexibility and circulation to the shoulders, elbows and wrist joints

Increases circulation to the arms, shoulders and the above mentioned joints

Improves posture

Improves focus


Bending your elbows, extend your arms in front of your chest.

Place your right arm under your left arm keeping the elbows connected if possible

Position the back of your hands so that they face eachother.

Wiggle the fingers of your right hand and if you’re flexible enough move your right palm to your left palm pressing the palms together. If you’re not finding this possible then simply keep the back of the hands facing eachother.

If this feels ok lift your elbows to shoulder height to deepen the stretch.

Look at the tips of your thumbs once you're in the full pose. Typically the thumb tips point a little bit off to the side of the upper arm. Position your thumb tips so they point directly at the tip of your nose.

Hold for up to 1 minute, build up gradually over time, breathing slowly.

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