A Simple Yoga Sequence For Tight Backs

Yoga Sequence For Tight Backs

Yoga For Tight Backs

Even the simple poses can help you reap the benefits of yoga. The following poses can be very benefical for tight back muscles

Begin with KNEES TO CHEST pose

Interlink your fingers behind your knees. Guide your knees slowly towards your chest. Ensure your head and shoulders are resting on the floor. Stay for 8-10 Breaths


Start on all fours and sit back onto your heels. Place a yoga block under your forehead for height if you’re head doesn’t rest on the floor naturally. This will also lend support to your neck and shoulders. Extend your arms in front of your head and ensure your elbows are straight if possible. Stay for 8-10 Breaths


Rounding your back and move it towards the sky. Tuck your tailbone under and guide your chin towards your chest,keeping your arms straight but relaxed. Draw your shoulders away from your ears. Stay for 4-6 Breaths


Lower your back and ribcage towards the floor. Lift your breastbone towards the sky and move your shoulderblades away from your ears. Stay for 4-6 Breath

Now rest in Hare pose again for 4-6 Breaths