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The Beauty Of Chakras

17th March 

Time: 10.30-12.30pm

Location: Leixlip Amenities Sports Centre


Feeling Stressed out? Can't find "time out" for you..
Join me this Sunday for this deeply relaxing and easy going workshop where you can totally relax, let go ,destress and leave feeling blissfully relaxed!!
No experience in yoga or spandex required? All ages and genders welcome.
A gentle yoga class designed to relax and stretch the body while calming the mind.
During this class you will receive the tools that you can adapt and use on a day to day basic. Using the art of Mindfulness we will use breathing, gentle movement, and meditation in this class to move you to a place of full relaxation to rejuvenation of your body and mind. This yoga workshop allows plenty of time to recharge the batteries.
You will leave class feeling blissfully calm, grounded and recharged!!!

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice designed deeply relax and release tension held in the subconscious and unconscious. This practice restores balance to mind, body and spirit. Through pranayama (breath work), gentle asana and guided visualization we can ease forward into the winter months.

Yoga Nidra quiets and calms the nervous system. One yoga nidra practice is equivalent to four hours of restful sleep. Research has also shown that Yoga Nidra can strengthen immune system, regulate blood pressure, balance nervous system and greatly help with insomnia.

We will also be working on positive Affirmation to accerate your life's happiness and "Letting Go" of the old to make way for the "New". Deep yogic breathing along with midnfulness moving into a final Yoga Nidra.

This workshop is Facilitated by senior teacher Catriona Mc Cormack Read more…

Venue: Leixlip amenities centre, Leixlip, Co.Kildare W23 R942





Facilitated by Catriona Mc Cormack

happy hips and shoulders leixlip october 12th workshop 3

Whether you experience stiffness from an old injury, an aging body or just want to deepen your practice, this workshop is for you! Join Catriona Mc Cormack for a 360 degree hips and shoulders yoga stretching class for all levels. This workshop will include a big dollop of Yoga Nidra ( Deep Relaxation).

We will explore

-A series of stretches for the front back and sides of hips and shoulders that can be done at home and aid in opening up those tight parts of the body

-Stretches for specific muscles not targeted in traditional asanas(postures)

-Gently stretch and regain mobility in injured and arthritic joints

-Deeper variations of stretches to safely prepare those who are ready to deepen their practice for more advanced asanas

-Breathing and visualization techniques to help release tension in the body

This workshop is suitable for practitioners of all levels. It will help both beginners and advanced practitioners to deepen their practice. Students of all ages and those with past injuries are welcome.

This workshop is Facilitated by senior teacher Catriona Mc Cormack Read more…

Venue: Leixlip amenities centre, Leixlip,Co.Kildare

Fee: €25

Why do a Yoga Workshop?

Perhaps you attend yoga classes regularly and you’ve even established a home practice. If you’d like to deepen and your further your practice and learn more about a specific aspect of the practice yoga workshops can offer these experiences beyond those usually included in a typical 60-90-minute class.

Yoga Workshop

A workshop normally lasts for 2-3 hours or takes place over a long weekend. Workshops focus on a specific aspect of yoga, asanas, breathing practice, meditation or a particular limb (guidelines) of yoga. The possibilities are completely different but they all have one thing in common, participating in the practice of yoga.

Time restraints

Time restraints. In today’s world, we’re under a lot of time pressure and we can sometimes rush to and from a yoga class and don’t benefit as much as we could be. A workshop offers more time to experiment with postures, more detailed instruction will happen as time allows this.

Deepen your practice.

The beauty of a workshop is that there is more time to absorb what your body is telling you, ask questions, analyze practices, postures, breathing techniques and deepen your awareness and knowledge. Asana is a beautiful way to develop self-knowledge, but it’s the tip of the yoga iceberg. Hidden depths are waiting to be discovered. Workshops can be very rewarding.

Shift your awareness

Shift your awareness. The intensive focus of a workshop may answer questions you didn’t even know you had. Focusing on yoga for a couple of hours or throughout a weekend also shifts your awareness.

Find your tribe

Find your tribe. You’ll connect with a group interested in the same themes, and have more opportunities to interact while you share experiences on the mat and off. Let your yoga mat take you places….for instance, pick a teacher, studio or venue you’ve been wanting to visit, who knows where the journey will take you.

Renew your commitment

Renew your commitment. Trying something new can help you appreciate your practice all over again. Especially good times to shake things up are the change in seasons, holidays, birthdays or whenever you need renewed energy and a fiercer focus on your practice!


Booking is essential to ensure your place. Personal guidance is a priority and is guaranteed in all Yoga Ireland classses. 

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