Spring Yoga Workshop

Get Your Spring Groove On With A Yoga Workshop

Winter, a season of hibernation and burrowing in often manifests itself as lethargy. We carry onto old weight to protect us from the cold and we end up feeling sluggish or “stuck”. Spring is the perfect time for us to rise out of winter’s lull with fresh energy, a Yoga workshop can be the perfect catalyst to help us to let go of the old to make space for the new.

During the first days of Spring it is the disconnect between our excited mind that is full of expectations and our exhausted, congested body that is slow to come out of hibernation, this can also leave us feeling unmotivated, imbalanced and depressed.

Sthira and Sukha – balance of effort and ease, grit and grace. This is a very important concept from the Yoga Sutras that (Yoga guidelines) of the practice of Yoga. It is a metaphor for our lives and a way of balanced existence. Finding this balance becomes especially important at the start of Spring.

Set Yourself up for a Successful Spring

While you might be in the habit of choosing yin and restorative yoga classes during wintertime a more flowing and dynamic practice is called for to help us to rejuvenate and shed our winter layers. In this workshop we will literally be wiping the slate clean. This will help us with this transition and we can start anew. Like a snake that sheds its skin we will celebrate spring by shedding our winter layer and opening up to the energy of the season.

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