Yin Yoga Workshop

With a Yin practice we find the stillness

Reverse residual stagnation before Spring.

Although the long dark days of winter have their upsides such as snuggling up by an open fire and eating wholesome winter food. Our annual festival of hibernation and quiet reflection can result in physical stagnation, a foggy mind, and a sluggish immune system.

With a Yin practice we find the stillness

In Yin Yoga we stay in poses for long periods of time enjoying deep relaxing stretches. Water is the primary element of winter and the focus is on the water element. We can stimulate the flow of prana (energy) and restore an overall sense of vitality in the body. The stimulation of prana can also take you out of the stagnation in life and help you move through your intentions and move forward, setting up your mind, body, and life for success once spring arrives.

In this workshop, we will target the kidneys and urinary bladder meridians which are the primary organs that move water through the body. We will be paying particular attention to the Back and Hips to release tightness, increase flexibility and ease pain. The specific postures in Yin Yoga stimulate meridian lines that run down the spine as well as down the back of the legs and up the inner thighs and will boost our energy levels, sharpen our minds and promotes emotional equilibrium.

The workshop will prepare you so that you are ready to invite in the new that spring offers.

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