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Founder of Yoga Ireland

Catriona Mc Cormack has been practicing yoga for over 23 years and qualified as a yoga teacher in 1996. She founded Yoga Ireland in 1997 and has been running the business and active in teaching since. Catriona qualified as a Yoga Therapist and has been practicing for over 15 years. She continues her journey in the education of Yoga and is passionate about spreading the practice to others. Catriona is a Reiki Master and has been treating people succesfully for over 10 years now.

“One of the strongest messages I try to impart upon students is the integration of yoga with everyday life. I believe strongly that a busy schedule becomes all the more manageable with the grounding effects of a regular yoga practice. My students enjoy a light-hearted environment while reaping the benefits of a strong practice. I focus on the mindfulness aspect of yoga, correct alignment of the body, deep relaxation whilst practicing strongly but safely”.

 ‘I had chronic eczema until my 20’s, I also had asthma and a lot of allergies along with Scoliosis. Having exhausted every other avenue over the years I decided to try Yoga. Within 1 year of practice, my eczema and asthma had cleared and my back felt great. I was so passionate about sharing this with others I left a career in design and started training to be a Yoga teacher. I have been practising for more than 20 years now. Along the way, I have studied with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable yogis from all different parts of the world and schools of thought. This provided me with a grounding in modern medicine and the application of yoga to medical conditions.’



Catriona specialises in back problems and stress management and has enjoyed great success with clients over the years. Her days are filled with a wonderful combination of general classes, one to one session both of Yoga Therapy & Reiki sessions.

Corporate work: Catriona has achieved extensive corporate class experience with companies such as Eircom, IIB, An Bord Bia, Blanchardstown Hospital & Harrolds Cross Hospice, ICON, and Davy’s Stockbrokers

“Being Mindful daily can change your life, Yoga helps me to do that”

Catriona Mc Cormack

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